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Perry King

Deputy Perry King began his career at the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office in 1991 as a Water Patrol Special Deputy Volunteer.  In 1996, Perry was hired as a Detention Deputy and was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1999, assigned to the Adult Detention Division.  In 2001, Perry was assigned to the Court Security Division.  He also did a two month career enrichment program with Crime Lab.


Perry attended and received an Applied Science Degree from Normandale Community College.


Perry is married to his wife Carrie, who is a former Detention Deputy and Probation Officer for Hennepin County.  She currently works for General Mills and is in charge of their background investigations, work place violence prevention program, and travel security.  They have two children, Jocelyn (6) and PJ (17 months).


Perry was elected Treasurer of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association in 2004 and has held that position ever since.  Since being elected into this position, Perry has modernized and stream-lined the book keeping.


Perry enjoys racing sailboats and when he is done with that, he races them some more. If you are interested in sailboat racing, contact Perry for more information.  More information can be found here: www.angisinaracing.comor www.wyc.org.  Perry is also a Director for the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, which has allowed him direct access to political influences at both the State and Federal level, all of which benefits the HCSDA, which is always his primary concern.

“I am proud that I can look any one of our members in the eye and tell them, without hesitation, that I have never felt for one minute that any board member of their Association has ever done anything that didn't have the benefit of the membership in mind.”


“It is and has been my privilege to serve on the board of the HCSDA.  I feel in my heart that we are on the right track with our Association and I hope you feel the same.  I know we have had some tough contract years, as have most all public sector employee groups.  Because of these tough years, it can be easy to feel that the grass on the proverbial "other side" is greener.  I understand those feelings.  But this much I know... when times are tough, it is even more important that we stand together as a group.  We need to show a front of solidarity and mutual support.  It does no good to complain about how well we think someone else may have it; that can only serve to weaken us.  A 100% participation of our membership, together with a positive attitude regarding our potential is much more productive.  Let us not forget, we are REQUIRED to negotiate our contract as a Collective Bargaining Group (what people used to call a Union).  As long as we are required to work under that structure, we can only do our best and I believe we are doing just that.”


“Thank you for allowing me to serve on our HCSDA Board and entrusting me with our funds' management, I truly appreciate it.”

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