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Political Action Committee



To ensure that our members' safety, livability, and working conditions are protected, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association (HCSDA) shall participate in the elective process in a proactive manner through political endorsements.  These endorsements are also intended to enhance the viability of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association, through cooperative working relationships with various organizations, individuals, and legislators. Endorsements made by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association are on behalf of the organization and are strictly recommendations to the membership which in no manner infringe on its members' right to democratic choice. 


General Policy

All qualifying candidates and the organizing committees for the appropriate ballot measures and referendums shall be eligible to seek the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association endorsement subject to the following guidelines, recognizing the multi-partisan makeup of the HCSDA. 

Offices considered for HCSDA endorsement will include, but not be limited to:

Local/Regional: Sheriff, Hennepin County Board, and County Attorney.


Endorsement Decision Making

The HCSDA Board will make all final endorsement decisions upon majority vote of the Board based on recommendations approved by the HCSDA PAC, political consultant and, whenever possible, any other outside consultant(s) and members. 

Endorsement actions by the HCSDA can include: 

  • An endorsement of one candidate; 

  • No endorsement; or 

  • A listing of candidates who support the HCSDA’s "targeted" issues.  "Targeted" issues are those issues of particular importance to the HCSDA and its membership and, subject to final review, might include such things as salary, benefits and other labor and law enforcement issues.


Criteria for Endorsement

Candidates may be invited to a screening interview with the Board and/or PAC and political consultant(s) and/or members to judge the qualifications of each candidate and the effect an endorsement would have on the HCSDA. 


The following criteria (in some cases, only those portions of the criteria that are applicable) should be used in determining whether a candidate will receive an HCSDA endorsement: 

  • Ride along with an HCSDA member if approved by the Sheriff or his/her designee 

  • Complete questionnaire provided by HCSDA 

  • Character and personal integrity

  • Incumbency 

  • Voting records if an incumbent 

  • Leadership position 

  • Committee assignments 

  • Past active support and assistance in committee and/or on the floor 

  • General interest in and commitment to public safety, officer safety, criminal justice and public employee issues 

  • Prior experience in public office and community affairs 

  • Work experience 

  • Position on current HCSDA issues 

  • Party affiliation -- while HCSDA should be bipartisan there are situations when party affiliation is appropriate to consider 

  • Ability to conduct a viable campaign


The President and/or the Chair of the Political Action Committee of the HCSDA will be responsible for contacting the candidate who earns the HCSDA endorsement.  The President and or PAC Chair will notify the board via email that the candidate was notified of the HCSDA endorsement.   A discussion of the endorsement should also take place so that the candidate and the HCSDA are in agreement as to the scope of the endorsement, and that the integrity of the HCSDA and its endorsement procedures will be maintained. Endorsement may include a written statement on HCSDA letterhead which may be reprinted and published by the candidate or political committee. The text of that statement should be prepared and approved by the HCSDA President and/or PAC Chair.

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